Outdoor Parking Storage

Summer’s coming to an end, which means not as many camping trips and boat rides. Here at Ludington Self Storage, we can help you keep your recreational vehicles/boats safe during the winter months. We offer multiple parking space options for your RV’s, boats, trailers and campers. Space options range anywhere from 100 square feet to 400 square feet. Our parking spaces are secured 24/7 and locks are available for purchase. You may also access it at any time of day or night using our gated entry. All customers are given a 5-digit pin for added security. Storing your boat or RV on your personal property could cause problems with neighbors and would not be as secure as an actively monitored self-storage facility, like ours. Although our spaces are not covered, our self-storage facility is much more cost-effective than renting out a space in a covered storage space.

Take away the worry of keeping your recreational vehicles/boats safe during the winter months. Don’t waste space in your driveway and save money by not renting out a fancy, covered lot – just leave it to us! Call today to reserve your space.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

There are many things to consider when deciding the best way to organize your storage unit. The first, and most important thing to consider, is how often you will be visiting your storage unit. If frequent access is important to you, you may want to consider leaving a walkway in between things to make for easy and more efficient access. Storing items that you will access more frequently towards the front of the unit also makes for a more effective and organized system.

Remembering what’s in your storage unit will also help maintain an organized space. Numbering/labeling your boxes is a good way know what items are in each box and will help you store them in the most effective way, while being able to easily access the ones you need most. Many people choose to use the same size boxes when storing their items. Using the same-size boxes will help with stacking and convenience. When stacking your boxes, it’s important to keep in mind a couple of things. The least needed items should be stacked in the back, while the most frequently needed boxes should be towards the front. It’s also important to places heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes stacked on top. Stacking boxes is efficient, but make sure not to stack them higher than your head – being that it’s more susceptible to falling. Making sure the labels are facing out will also help when trying to locate certain items. Stacking is easy and convenient, but if your storage unit is more of a long-term solution, you may want to consider adding shelves. Adding shelving in your storage unit is an efficient way to save on space and makes reaching the items you need easier and safer.

Here at Ludington Self Storage, we ensure a safe and secure environment to all of our customers. We make sure access to your unit is accessible 24/7 so you can keep your belongings organized and easily available for whenever you need them. Call today to reserve a unit!

Self-Storage for College Students

Self-Storage for College Students

Is your college student moving home for summer? Have you already converted their bedroom into your mother-in-law’s guestroom? No worries! Self-Storage for college students is your answer. Keeping all of their personal furniture, appliances, and band posters in one safe spot that is easily accessible when it’s time to move them back. Having everything organized in one location will not only help the cleanliness of your house, but will also make it more self-sufficient for your student and provide them with the privacy they are used to during the school year.

At Ludington Self Storage, we offer seven different sized units perfect for each persons’ needs. For college students, a 50 or 100 square foot unit would be the best choice! Have more than one kid in college? Utilize one of our larger units! With a gated entry, our storage facility provides security and convenient accessibility 24 hours a day for our customers. Don’t let your student’s clutter ruin your mother-in-law’s visit – rent today!

Storage Facility New Gated Entry Almost Ready!

Our New Keypad Access Gated Storage Entry

We have finished installing the perimeter fencing and front entry gate.  All current self storage clients will be given a secure 5 digit pin once the software is installed and tested.  This will provided added security to your storage units.  Stay tuned for more information!


More Self Storage Units Coming to Ludington in 2017

We completed the first phase at our Ludington mini storage facility in 2016 and are currently planning Phase II at Ludington Storage. We have room to grow and plan to add more self storage space this year. Please call us at 231-480-3030 for current availability